The Haas Enclosure Exhaust System

Given how important cycle-time reduction is these days, having machine operators waiting around for coolant mist to dissipate from a machine’s enclosure before changing parts is an expensive waste of time. That’s why Haas engineers designed an Enclosure Exhaust System that is easy to use, simple to maintain – and, best of all, costs about half as much as what the competition offers. In this video, Andrew and Don cover some key points about the option, and explain why the Haas Enclosure Exhaust System is an essential productivity upgrade for your shop.

Be aware: Many service and repair procedures should be done only by authorized personnel. The service technicians at your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) have the training, experience, and are certified to do these tasks safely and correctly. You should not do machine repair or service procedures unless you are qualified and knowledgeable about the processes.

Danger: Some service procedures can be dangerous or life-threatening. DO NOT attempt a procedure that you do not completely understand. Contact your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) and schedule a service technician visit if you have any doubts about doing a procedure.