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Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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The macro variables #1 - #999 are displayed and modified through the Current Commands display.

  1. Press CURRENT COMMANDS and use PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN  to get to the Macro Variables page.

    As the control interprets a program, the variable changes and results are displayed on the Macro Variables display page.

  2. Enter a value and then press ENTER to set the macro variable. Press ORIGIN to clear macro variables, this displays the ORIGIN Clear entry popup. Make a selection from the choices and press ENTER.

    ORIGIN Clear Entry Popup. Clear Cell - Clears the highlighted cell to zero. Clear Column - Clears the active cursor column entries to zero. Clear All Global Macros - Clears Global Macro entries (Macro 100-199, Macro 500-699, and Macro 800-999) to zero.

  3. Entering the macro variable number and pressing up or down arrow searches for that variable.
  4. The variables displayed represent values of the variables when the program runs. At times, this may be up to 15 blocks ahead of actual machine actions. Debugging programs is easier when a G103 P1 is inserted at the beginning of a program to limit block buffering and when G103 P1 is removed after debugging is completed.

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