Toolpath Marks on 3-D Surface Finish

The Selected Toolpath is Incorrect.

The parts pictured below used the same tools, feed, speed, step-over, and depth of cut. The only difference between them is the programmed toolpath. The part on the right has noticeable tool marks and a wavy finish.

The part on the left used a zig-zag toolpath, cutting left to right, in which the tool changed direction off of the part. The part on the right used a parallel spiral toolpath, in which the tool changed direction while it was in contact with the part.

Corrective Action:

Do not use parallel spiral paths to finish 3-D surfaces.

High-Speed Machining (HSM) not Activated

High Speed Machining (HSM) uses a unique "look ahead" function to anticipate machine motion.

In traditional machining, the axis motor must decelerate at the end of each programmed move. Without the ability to look ahead, the machine slows at a consistent rate throughout the program. HSM "looks ahead" through the next 80 lines of code, which lets the control anticipate upcoming movements and vary the deceleration rate. This lets the machine complete the program much more quickly. The control calculates the angle of intersection between the linear and/or the circular motion strokes to maintain the maximum possible velocity through the stroke transition.

The machine can move through wide-angle direction changes more quickly. The greater the change in direction, the slower the machine must go to make the corner, down to a minimum velocity of zero for a direction change of 90 degrees or greater.

HSM Example
  1. Without HSM, the machine decelerates at the same rate at every change in direction, regardless of the width of the angle.
  2. With HSM's unique ability to look ahead in the program, the deceleration is variable. Thus, the part is completed faster.

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