Tool Offsets Applied by T101, FANUC vs YASNAC

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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Setting a negative tool wear in the tool wear offsets moves the tool further in the negative direction of the axis. Thus, for O.D. turning and facing, setting a negative offset in the X-axis results in a smaller diameter part and setting a negative value in the Z-axis results in more material being taken off the face.

note: There is no X or Z motion required prior to performing a tool change and it wastes time in most cases to return X or Z to the home position. However, you must position X or Z to a safe location prior to a tool change in order to prevent a crash between the tools and the fixture or part.

Low air pressure or insufficient volume reduces the pressure applied to the turret clamp/unclamp piston and slows down the turret index time or does not unclamp the turret.

To load or change tools:

  1. Press POWER UP/RESTART or ZERO RETURN and then ALL.

    The control moves the tool turret to a normal position.

  2. Press MDI/DNC to toggle to MDI mode.

    The machine indexes the turret to the next tool position.

    Shows the current tool in the Active Tool window in the lower right of the display.


    Shows the current tool in the Active Tool display in the upper right of the screen.

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