Tool Nose Compensation and Tool Length Geometry

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You set up the length geometries for tools that use tool nose compensation in the same way that you set up tools that do not use compensation. Refer to page 5 for details on touching off tools and recording tool length geometries. When you set up a new tool, be sure to clear the geometry wear to zero.

If you command particularly heavy cuts on one edge of a tool, the tool can wear unevenly. In this case. adjust the X or Z Geometry Wear instead of the Radius Wear. You can often adjust X or Z length geometry wear to compensate for uneven tool nose wear. Length geometry wear shifts all dimensions for a single axis.

The program design may not let you use length geometry shift to compensate for wear. To determine which wear to adjust, check several X and Z dimensions on a finished part. Wear that is even results in similar dimensional changes on the X and Z axes, and suggests that you should increase the radius wear offset. Wear that affects the dimensions on one axis only suggests length geometry wear.

Good program design based on the geometry of the part should eliminate uneven wear problems. Generally, rely on finishing tools that use the entire radius of the cutter for tool nose compensation.

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