Tool Loading for a Side-Mount Tool Changer

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This section tells you how to load tools into an empty tool changer for a new application. It assumes that the pocket tool table still contains information from the previous application.
  1. Make sure your tool holders have the correct pull stud type for the mill.
  2. Press CURRENT COMMANDS. Press PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN until you see the POCKET TOOL TABLE.
  3. Clear the “Large” or “Heavy” tool designations from the pocket tool table. Use the cursor keys to scroll to a tool pocket with an L or H next to it. Press SPACE, then ENTER to clear the designation. To clear all designations, press ORIGIN and select the CLEAR CATEGORY FLAGS option.

    A Large and Heavy Tool (left), and a Heavy (not Large) Tool (right)

  4. Press Origin to reset the tool pocket table to default values. This places tool 1 in the spindle, tool 2 in pocket 1, tool 3 in pocket 2, etc. This clears the previous tool pocket table settings, and it resets the tool pocket table for the next program. You can also press ORIGIN and select SEQUENCE ALL POCKETS to reset the tool pocket table.
  5. note: You cannot assign a tool number to more than one pocket. If you enter a tool number that is already defined in the tool pocket table, you see an Invalid Number error.
    Determine if your program will need any large tools. A large tool has a diameter of greater than 3" for 40-taper machines and greater than 4" for 50-taper machines. If your program does not need large tools, skip to Step 7.
  6. Organize the tools to match your CNC program. Determine the numerical positions of large tools and designate those pockets as Large in the tool pocket table. To designate a tool pocket as “Large”, scroll to that pocket, press L, then ENTER.
    caution: You cannot place a large tool in the tool changer if one or both of the surrounding pockets already contain tools. Doing so will cause the tool changer to crash. Large tools must have the surrounding pockets empty. However, large tools can share adjoining empty pockets.
  7. Insert tool 1 (pull stud first) into the spindle. Turn the tool so that the two cutouts in the tool holder line up with the tabs of the spindle. Push the tool upward and press the tool release button. When the tool is fitted into the spindle, release the tool release button.

    Inserting a Tool Into the Spindle: [1] Tool release button.

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