Tailstock Foot Pedal Operation

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Tailstock Foot Pedal Icon

When you press this pedal, the tailstock (or the tailstock quill) moves toward or away from the spindle, equivalent to an M21or M22 command, depending on the current position. If the tailstock is away from the retract point, the foot pedal moves the tailstock toward the retract point (M22). If the tailstock is at the retract point, the foot pedal moves the tailstock toward the hold point (M21).

If you press the foot pedal while the tailstock is in motion, the tailstock stops and a new sequence must begin.

Press and hold the pedal for 5 seconds to retract the tailstock quill the full distance and maintain retract pressure. This makes sure the tailstock quill does not creep forward. Use this method to stow the tailstock quill any time it is not in use.

note: The tailstock position can change over time if it is left at a position that is not fully retracted or not in contact with a workpiece. This is due to normal hydraulic system leakage.

Use Setting 76 to enable or disable all pedal controls. Refer to Setting 76 for more information.

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