The Synchronized Spindle Control Display

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The Synchronized Spindle Control Display

The spindle synchronization control display is available in the CURRENT COMMANDS display.

The SPINDLE column gives the main spindle status. The SECONDARY SPINDLE column gives the secondary spindle status. The third column shows miscellaneous status. On the left is a column of row titles:

G15/G14 - If G15 appears in the SECONDARY SPINDLE column, the main spindle is the leading spindle. If G14 appears in the SECONDARY SPINDLE column, the secondary spindle is the leading spindle.

SYNC (G199) - When G199 appears in the row, spindle synchronization is active.

POSITION (DEG) - This row shows the current position, in degrees, of both the spindle and the secondary spindle. Values range from -180.0 degrees to 180.0 degrees. This is relative to the default orientation position of each spindle.

The third column indicates the current difference, in degrees, between the two spindles. When both spindles are at their respective zero marks, then this value is zero.

If the third column value is negative, it represents how much the secondary spindle currently lags the main spindle, in degrees.

If the third column value is positive, it represents how much the secondary spindle currently leads the main spindle, in degrees.

VELOCITY (RPM) - This row shows the actual RPM of the main spindle and the secondary spindle.

G199 R PHASE OFS. - This is the programmed R value for G199. This row is blank when G199 is not commanded; otherwise it contains the R value in the most recently executed G199 block. Refer to page  G199 Engage Synchronous Spindle Control (Group 00) for more information on G199.

CHUCK - This column shows the clamped or unclamped status of the work holding (chuck or collet). This row is empty when clamped, or shows “UNCLAMPED” in red when the work holding is open.

LOAD % - This shows the current load percent for each spindle.

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