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Dual-spindle lathes can synchronize the main and secondary spindle. This means that when the main spindle receives a command to turn, the secondary spindle turns at the same speed, in the same direction. This is called Synchronous Spindle Control (SSC) mode. In SSC mode, both spindles accelerate, maintain speed, and decelerate together. You can then use both spindles to support a workpiece at both ends for maximum support and minimum vibration. You can also transfer the workpiece between the main and secondary spindle, effectively doing a “part flip” while the spindles continue to turn.

There are two G-codes associated with SSC:

G199 activates SSC.

G198 cancels SSC.

When you command G199, both spindles orient before they accelerate to the programmed speed.

note: When you program synchronized dual spindles, you should first bring both spindles up to speed with M03 (for the main spindle) and M144 (for the secondary spindle) before you command G199. If you command G199 before commanding spindle speed, the two spindles attempt to stay synchronized while they accelerate, causing acceleration to take much longer than normal.

If SSC mode is in effect, and you press RESET or EMERGENCY STOP, SSC mode remains in effect until the spindles stop.

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