Surface Speed and Chip Load Display

The Haas control has the ability to display the current surface speed [1] and chip load [2] of the tool in the spindle. This is calculated based on the tool information input in the TOOL INFO page, the programmed RPM and feed rate and the current spindle and feed rate overrides.

While in [HAND JOG] mode 
Press the [OFFSET] button to navigate to the Tool Offset page.
Navigate to the TOOL INFO page by pressing the left or right arrow button, this may take multiple presses depending on the starting location of the cursor.  

Enter the number of flutes for the tool in the FLUTES column [1]
Enter the tool diameter in the ACTUAL DIAMETER column [2]
Select the type of tool in the TOOL TYPE column [3]
With this information entered into the control the cutting speed and chip load for the active tool will be displayed while the program in executing.

Note: When entering a value into the offset page. Pressing [F1] will write the number in the input line to the offset, where as pressing [ENTER] will add the number in the input line to the existing value in the offset.

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