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Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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If power to the lathe is shut off or interrupted while the servo tailstock is engaged with a workpiece, the servo brake engages to preserve hold force and keep the tailstock in place.

When power is restored, the control displays the message Tailstock Force Restored. You can resume operating the lathe without zero returning the tailstock, if there are no M22 commands in the program. These commands cause the tailstock to back away from the workpiece, which could then drop.

caution: Before you resume a program with an M22 command after a power interruption, edit the program to remove or block delete the tailstock motion commands. You can then resume the program and complete the part. Keep in mind that until you zero return the tailstock, the control does not know the tailstock’s position; therefore, Settings 93 and 94 do not protect the tailstock restricted zone from a crash.

Zero return the tailstock before starting a new cycle on a new workpiece. You can then add the tailstock motion commands back into the program for future cycles.

The first use of the tailstock foot pedal after a power interruption zero returns the tailstock. Make sure the workpiece is supported before activating the tailstock foot pedal.

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