Setting Part Zero (Work) Offset

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To machine a workpiece, the mill needs to know where the workpiece is located on the table. You can use an edge finder, an electronic probe, or many other tools and methods to establish part zero. To set the part zero offset with a mechanical pointer:

Part Zero Set

  1. Place the material [1] in the vise and tighten.
  2. Load a pointer tool [2] in the spindle.
  3. Press HANDLE JOG [E].
  4. Press .1/100. [F] (The mill moves at a fast speed when the handle is turned).
  5. Press +Z [A].
  6. Use the jog handle [J] to move the Z-Axis approximately 1" above the part.
  7. Press .001/1. [G] (The mill moves at a slow speed when the handle is turned).
  8. Jog the Z-Axis approximately. 0.2" above the part.
  9. Select between the X and Y axes [I] and jog the tool to the upper left corner of the part (see illustration [9]).
  10. Navigate to the OFFSET>WORK [C] tab and press the DOWN cursor key [H] to activate the page. You can press F4 to toggle between Tool offsets and Work offsets.
  11. Navigate to the G54 X Axis location.
  12. caution: In the next step, do not press PART ZERO SET a third time; this loads a value into the Z AXIS column. This causes a crash or a Z-Axis alarm when the program is run.
    Press PART ZERO SET [B] to load the value into the X Axis column. The second press of PART ZERO SET [B] loads the value into the Y Axis column.

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