Setting Initial Serial Number to be Engraved

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There are two ways to set the initial serial number to be engraved. The first requires replacing the # symbols within the parenthesis with the first number to be engraved. With this method, nothing is engraved when the G47 line is executed (it is only setting the initial serial number). Execute this once and then change the value within the parenthesis back to # symbols to engrave normally.

The following example will set the initial serial number to be engraved to 0001. Run this code once and then change (0001) to (####).

G47 P1 (0001) ;

The second method for setting the initial serial number to be engraved is to change the Macro Variable where this value is stored (Macro Variable 599). The Macros option does not need to be enabled.

Press CURRENT COMMANDS then press PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN as needed to display the MACRO VARIABLES page. From that screen, enter 599 and press Down cursor.

Once 599 is highlighted on the screen, type in the initial serial number to engrave, 1 for example, then press ENTER.

The same serial number can be engraved multiple times on the same part with the use of a macro statement. The macros option is required. A macro statement as shown below could be inserted between two G47 engraving cycles to keep the serial number from incrementing to the next number. For more details, see the Macros section of this manual.

Macro Statement: #599=[#599-1]

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