Setting 109 — Warm-Up Time in MIN.

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This is the number of minutes (up to 300 minutes from power-up) during which the control applies the compensations specified in Settings 110-112.

Overview – When the machine is powered on, if Setting 109, and at least one of Settings 110, 111, or 112, are set to a nonzero value, the control gives this warning:

CAUTION! Warm up Compensation is specified!

Do you wish to activate

Warm up Compensation (Y/N)?

If you answer Y to the prompt, the control immediately applies the total compensation (Setting 110, 111, 112), and the compensation begins to decrease as the time elapses. For instance, after 50% of the time in Setting 109 has elapsed, the compensation distance is 50%.

To restart the time period, power the machine off and on, and then answer YES to the compensation query at start-up.

caution: Changing Setting 110, 111, or 112 while compensation is in progress can cause a sudden movement of up to 0.0044 inch.

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