Selecting Rotary Table Models

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The Rotary tab under Settings allows you to select your rotary unit from a list of available rotaries, which then automatically sets the parameters necessary to allow your mill to interact with the rotary unit. This screen also allows you to create custom rotary files from any existing ones.

Rotary File Selection Window

warning: Be careful to match the correct brush or brushless rotary setting to the actual product you install on the mill. An incorrect setting can cause damage to the rotary motor. B in the settings denotes a brushless rotary product. Brushless indexers have two cables from the table and two connectors at the mill control for each rotary axis.

The Current Rotary Selections pane of the ROTARY page shows the selected rotary files for 4th and 5th axes. If the rotary file for 4th or 5th axis is not selected the selection will show blank. This pane is where you clone the selected rotary file with current tool and grid offsets.

The Select New Rotaries pane of the ROTARY page shows the base and cloned rotary files available for selection. Press DOWN cursor arrow until you switch onto this pane. This pane has the following options:

  • Press F1 to select the highlighted rotary file as the 4th Axis.
  • Press F2 key to select the highlighted rotary file as the 5th Axis.
  • Press F3 key to apply the selected rotary files.

These steps explain how to engage base and copied rotary files to 4th and 5th axes. Use the cursor navigation keys to navigate between rows.

  1. On the Select New Rotaries pane of the Rotary page, press the UP or DOWN arrows to select the correct rotary model.
  2. warning: The rotary model selected must match the model engraved on the rotary unit's identification plate.
    Press F1 until the axis you want to install appears on the 4th Axis column for the rotary unit.
  3. Repeat step 1 for the 5th Axis.
  4. Press F2 until the axis you want to install appears on the 5th Axis column for the rotary unit.
  5. Press F3 to apply rotary files.

    Wait until Rotary Files Applied Successfully, Cycle Power to Apply Changes message appears on the Message line.

  6. Cycle the machine power to apply changes.

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