Way Cover Lubrication for Dry Cutting


The X-Axis and Y-Axis way covers need additional lubrication when you make parts without using coolant (dry cutting). The coolant lubricates the way covers. This helps them slide over one another.

When coolant is not used, coat the way covers with a light lubricant.

Dry Cutting - Way Cover - Lubrication Test

Haas Automation tested (6) different lubricants on the multi-section X-Axis way covers of a VF-2. The effort required to completely extend and collapse a set of way covers was measured. The test was conducted on both flat and peaked way covers. Both sets of way covers were loaded with 22 lb (9.98 kg) of weight to simulate a heavy chip load.

Test Results:

Lubricant Ranking Effort Required Notes:
Mobil Vactra 2 1 5.23 lb (2.370 kg) Leaves a runny residue that has to be wiped off.
DuPont Teflon Multi-Use 2 5.99 lb (2.721 kg) Although it performs best on the flat way cover, the wipers scrape the lubricant off.
LPS Dry Film Silicone Lube 3 6.38 lb (2.892 kg) Performs best on the peaked way cover.
HDX Window & Door Lube 4 6.74 lb (3.056 kg) Leaves a dry, waxy coat that creates drag.
LPS 1 Greaseless Lube 5 8.60 lb (3.901 kg) Leaves a runny residue that has to be wiped off.
Misty Dry Molly NC Lube 6 9.59 lb (4.349 kg) Leaves a dry, waxy coat that creates drag.

Recommended Lubricant for Dry Cutting

Apply a thin coating of LPS Dry Film Silicone Lube, or an equivalent, every day.

Clean the way covers often.

Avoid lubricants that have these characteristics:

  • Leaves a runny residue that has to be wiped off:
    • Mobil Vactra 2
    • LPS 1 Greaseless Lube
  • Leaves a dry, waxy coat that creates drag:
    • HDX Window & Door Lube
    • Misty Dry Molly NC Lube
  • Is easily scraped off by the wipers:
    • DuPont Telfon Multi-Use

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