Protect Your Tools with Autofeed

Applies to machines built from: 
December, 1997

If you use the Haas control's built-in tool load monitor, you are probably familiar with Setting 84, which lets you choose the action to take when a tool has reached its load limit. One of the Setting 84 options in software versions 9.43 and later is Autofeed. This standard control feature can help to prevent machine damage through tool failures, unexpected material differences (cold spots etc.), or programming errors.

Autofeed automatically overrides the feedrate to reduce the load on the tool until it reaches an acceptable limit. Parameters control the load limit and the rate at which the control reduces the feedrate to reach the load limit.

Later, if the tool load is less than 95%, Autofeed automatically increases the feed to the programmed rate. Again, the rate of adjustment is controlled by a parameter.


During a tap operation (rigid or floating), feed and spindle overrides are locked out. Autofeed does not function.

Do not use Autofeed during thread milling, or if you are using auto-reversing tapping heads.

You may use the feedrate override buttons while Autofeed is active. However, if you override the feedrate past the tool's load limit, the control will ignore the overrides.

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