Oil Skimmer - How it Works and Troubleshooting Guide

How it Works

The oil skimmer option uses a circular tube to remove unwanted surface oil from the coolant tank.

The oil skimmer mounts to the side of the coolant tank. It is manually activated with an On/Off toggle switch. A 120 VAC 50/60 Hertz motor circulates a plastic tube through the coolant. A washer holds the tube in the coolant tank.

When the oil skimmer is activated, the tube is circulated through the coolant tank. The surface oil in the tank adheres to the plastic tube. A ceramic wiper removes the oil. The ceramic wiper drops the oil onto a tray that runs into an oil-catch can. The machine operator must empty the can and clean the tray regularly .

  1. Oil Skimmer cartridge
  2. Pickup tube (Pickup kit for the oil skimmer.)
  3. Clamp (Push wire mount for cable routing.)
  4. 25 ft (7.6 m) Power Cord
  5. Oil container

When the oil skimmer is in operation, you can see the pickup tube move based on the colored indicator inside the tube.

Symptom Possible Cause Corrective Action Section
The pickup tube does not circulate. The cable is unplugged or the GFCI breaker is tripped. Check wire connection and GFCI breaker 1
The pickup tube is broken or the ceramic wiper is damaged. Inspect and clean the drive wheels. 2
Check the pickup tube or the ceramic wiper for damage.
The gearbox is damaged. Inspect the oil skimmer cartridge.

Section 1

Symptom: The pickup tube does not circulate.

Possible Causes: The cable is unplugged or the GFCI breaker is tripped.

Corrective Action:

Make sure the connection is secure between the oil skimmer assembly cable [1] and the Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter [2] (GFCI). Some larger machines have an enclosure panel side-skirt connector [3] that the oil skimmer assembly cable [1] connects to.

Make sure the GFCI [2] has not been tripped. If it has, reset it.

Section 2

Symptom: The pickup tube does not circulate.

Possible Cause: The pickup tube is broken, the ceramic wiper is damaged, or the gearbox is damaged.

Corrective Action:

note: The illustration shows a disassembled oil skimmer cartridge.

Before you replace the pickup tube and ceramic wiper assembly, make sure the drive wheels inside the oil skimmer cartridge are not damaged or jammed with chips. Remove the cover of the oil skimmer cartridge. Check the drive wheels for wear. If the teeth on the drive wheels are worn or damaged, replace the oil skimmer cartridge.

If the drive wheels are not damaged, make sure they are clean. Replace the pickup tube and ceramic wiper assembly if the pickup tube is broken. Refer to Oil Skimmer - Tubing - Replacement for replacement instructions.

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