Help With Decimal Points

Applies to machines built from: 
July, 2013

In everyday life, we assume that numbers without decimal points are integers. However, in CNC programming, an input value like "60" might be interpreted as 60.0, 6.0, 0.60, 0.060, or 0.0060, depending on the units. To make sure that your input is interpreted correctly, you should always include a decimal point. If you mean "60", program 60. or 60.0.

The Haas control includes an automatic decimal interpretation function that you can use in case you have a program that does not use decimal points. Setting 77 controls decimal interpretation for feedrate commands, and Setting 162 applies to the address codes X, Y, Z, A, B, C, E, F ,I, J, K, U, W in a G-code command.

Refer to your Operator's Manual for more information on these settings.

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