30-Taper Spindle - Toolholder and Pull Stud Information

General Information

Examine tools, toolholders, and pull studs regularly. Replace toolholders and pull studs with surface damage.

RPMs higher than 10,000 require balanced tooling of grade G2.5 or lower (ISO 1940 and ANSI S2.19).

note: An extra tool change can occur when the tool changer stores tools with the "Large" designation. The tool changer arm moves down 3.6" (92 mm) during a tool change.
  • Always use the correct taper size
  • Always use the correct pull stud size and type
  • Do not use a toolholder that has a damaged tool taper
  • Do not allow debris between the tool taper and the spindle taper
caution: Do not use the spindle to tighten tools.

Toolholder Types

Maximum Tool Length

Machine Maximum Tool WeightMaximum Tool Diameter (X) Maximum Tool Length (Y)
VF-1-2 including YT (Only on machines made before 01/2014.) 12 lb (5.4kg) 0.5" (12.7 mm) 11" (280 mm)
VF 3-4 including YT (Only on machines made before 01/2014.)12 lb (5.4kg)0.5" (12.7 mm) 13" (330 mm)
DT-1/2 5.5 lb (2.5kg) 2.0" ( 50 mm) 7.0" ( 178 mm)

Pull Stud Information

Pull Studs: For the correct torque values refer to the specifications of the manufacturer.

caution: Do not use an impact wrench to tighten the pull stud.

Drawbar: Incorrect pull studs damage the drawbar.

A damaged drawbar causes:

  • Tools to fall out of the spindle
  • Unsatisfactory surface finish
  • Damaged tools

Through Spindle Coolant (TSC): Make sure a pull stud with a through hole is installed in the toolholder.

30 Taper Thread (A) Distance (B) Haas Part Number
BT M12 x 1.75 0.709" (180 mm) 59-0336 (TSC 59-1111)

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