Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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Tool Nose Compensation is used when the tool nose radius changes, and cutter wear is to be accounted for with curved surfaces or tapered cuts. Tool Nose Compensation generally does not need to be used when programmed cuts are solely along the X- or Z-axis. For taper and circular cuts, as the tool nose radius changes, under or overcutting can occur. In the figure, suppose that immediately after setup, C1 is the radius of the cutter that cuts the programmed tool path. As the cutter wears to C2, the operator might adjust the tool geometry offset to bring the part length and diameter to dimension. If this were done, a smaller radius would occur. If tool nose compensation is used, a correct cut is achieved. The control automatically adjusts the programmed path based on the offset for tool nose radius as set up in the control. The control alters or generates code to cut the proper part geometry.

Cutting path without tool nose compensation: [1] Tool Path, [2] Cut after wear [3] Desired cut.

Cutting path with tool nose compensation: [1] Compensated tool path, [2] Desired cut and programmed tool path.

note: The second programmed path coincides with the final part dimension. Although parts do not have to be programmed using tool nose compensation, it is the preferred method because it makes program problems easier to detect and resolve.

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