VMC - TRP - Solenoid - Replacement

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January, 2013
AD0335 Rev B

VMC - TRP - Solenoid - Replacement

The service part P/N 93-11061; SOLENOID VALVE ASSY TRP HIGH FLOW is the replacement solenoid assembly for the TRP solenoid. These assemblies use solenoids from different manufacturers. The solenoid assemblies are different in appearance and configuration for machines made in different years. This can cause confusion when you replace this assembly.

Each of the solenoid assemblies have the same cable connectors. Use the fittings from the removed assembly to make the correct configuration for your machine. Refer to the image:

note: For some Numatics assemblies, if clearance is necessary, use these parts from Haas or purchase them locally:
  • Haas P/N 58-3600, NIPPLE 3/8 NPT X 1 7/16 HEX BRASS
  • Haas P/N 58-3625, FITG REDUCER NPT1/2M NPT3/8F BRASS
note: For 50-taper TRP solenoid assemblies, the output hose is connected to a barbed fitting. To install the hose on the new solenoid, use hose clamp P/N 59-4008 HOSE CLAMP 3/8-7/8 STD.


Each 3-port solenoid manufacturer we use for the TRP has an inlet [1], an outlet [2], and an exhaust [3]. When you install the replacement solenoid assembly, make sure you connect the new ports correctly. The locations of the port are different for different manufacturers.

Example: Replace this MAC assembly that has a pre-charge and a muffler [4] with this SMC assembly [5]. Use the fittings from the replaced assembly [4] to make the new solenoid assembly [6].

note: More fittings are necessary for some solenoid assemblies. Refer to the notes before the illustration.



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