Umbrella Tool Changer to Spindle - Alignment

Applies to machines built from: 
January, 1989

VMC - Umbrella Tool Changer to Spindle - Alignment

This procedure tells you how to align the umbrella tool changer to the spindle.

Tools Required

Pry Bar

Step 1


Find the cover [2] for the arm that supports the tool changer. Remove the (8) socket head cap screws (SHCS) [1] from the cover [2].

note: Two of the screws are outside the machine enclosure.

Pull the cover [2] out of the arm.

Loosen the four hex head bolts (HHB) [3] that hold the arm to the column.

Remove (1) [4] of the (4) HHB [3] that hold the arm to the column.

Step 2


Make sure no tool is in the spindle.

Go to MDI mode. Push ATC FWD.

Push FEED HOLD while the carousel moves to the spindle.

Use a pry bar [3] to move the tool changer. Move the tool changer until the tool alignment key [2] aligns with the spindle dog [1].

Tighten the (4) HHBs [4] that hold the tool changer support arm to the column. Torque the bolts to 80 ft-lb (356 Nm).

Push CYCLE START to complete the tool change.

Install the cover for the tool-changer arm. Install the (8) screws that hold the cover.

Do some tool changes. Make sure the tool changer engages the tools evenly.

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