Umbrella Tool Changer - Rail Wiper - Replacement

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June, 2007

VMC - Umbrella Tool Changer - Rail Wiper - Replacement

This document tells you how to replace the rail wipers on an umbrella tool changer.

Remove the (2) socket head cap screws (SHCS) [1] from the wiper cover plate [2] and wiper bracket. Remove the wiper cover plate [2]. Replace the wiper [3] in the cover plate [2].

Clean all of the grease and chips from the rail [4]. Apply Mobil SHC 460 grease to the top edge of rail [4]. Apply medium-strength thread-lock compound (for example, blue Loctite®) to the (2) SHCS [1].

Install the wiper cover plate [2] with the (2) SHCS [1] onto the wiper bracket. Do these instructions again for the left wiper.

Parts Included

QTY: 2

Tools Required

Medium-strength thread-lock compound
Mobil 460 Grease

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