Standard Coolant - Tank - Maintenance

Applies to machines built from: 
January, 2007
AD0296 Rev C

Coolant Tank - Maintenance


Remove the chip basket and polyester mesh strainer (if the strainer is installed) from the chip tray. Remove all chips from the chip strainer basket.

To replace the mesh strainer, pull the mesh strainer [1] tightly over the top of the chip basket [3]. Make sure the elastic band [2] touches the outside and is below the edge of the basket [3].

Put the chip basket and attached mesh strainer in the chip tray.

Remove the gate filter [1] if it is installed. Clean the filter screen. Use a soft brush and a solution of warm water and soap.

Flush the filter with warm water.

Install the gate filter [2] if you have one.

Monitor the chip tray during operation. If necessary, adjust the maintenance schedule.

Examine the coolant level at 8-hour intervals of machine operation. Fill the tank again as necessary.


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