Standard Coolant - A-Ryung Coolant Pump - Impeller - Replacement

AD0349 Rev A

VMC, HMC, Lathe - A-Ryung Coolant Pump - Impeller - Replacement

This procedure tells you how to install and shim a replacement impeller on an A-Ryung coolant pump.

Machine Compatibility

Do this procedure for 3 phase 3/4 HP coolant pumps made by A-Ryung.

Parts Included

QTY: 1

Tools Required

Red High Strength Thread-locking Compound

Step 1

Put a mark [1] on the pump cover and the body so that you can install the cover in the correct orientation.

Remove these components:

  • the (3) screws [2] and the (3) lock washers [3] for the pump cover.
  • the impeller cover [4]
  • the Philip Head Screw (PHS) [5] and star washer [6]
    note: Turn the PHS [5] clockwise to loosen it. Discard the star washer [6].
  • the impeller [7]
  • the shims from the impeller shaft [8]

Step 2

Install the same number of shims that you removed onto the impeller shaft.

Install the impeller, the flat washer and the impeller screw.

note: Turn the impeller screw counterclockwise to tighten it.

Adjust the number of shims on the impeller shaft until the gap between the impeller [1] and the pump base [2] is 0.007" [3].

Step 3

Remove the impeller screw and flat washer.

Put red thread locking compound around the edge of the impeller shaft. [1]

Slide the impeller up and down on the shaft. Make sure that the locking compound is spread evenly on the shaft and the inside of the bore of the impeller.

Put red thread locking compound on the impeller screw [2].

Install the screw [2] and the flat washer [3].

note: Turn the impeller screw counterclockwise to tighten it.

Align the marks on the cover and the pump body.

Install the impeller cover with the (3) screws and (3) lock washers.

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