Side Mount (SMTC) - VMC - Double Arm - Alignment

Applies to machines built from: 
November, 2013

VMC - Side-Mount Tool Changer - Double Arm - Alignment

Step 1


Put the T-2108 tool [1] onto the double arm. Use your fingers to tighten the center screw [2] to the shaft.

Loosen the screws [3] from the clamp [4]. Do this only until the double arm [5] can turn freely on the output shaft [6].

Step 2

Make sure no tools are in the spindle or the tool changer pockets.

Push RESET to stop each alarm. Set Setting 7, Parameter Lock, to OFF.

Record the value in Parameter 250, TOOL UNCLAMP DELAY.

Set Parameter 250 to 10000. This causes the double-arm to wait at the "clamp/unclamp" position for ten seconds after you push ATC FWD.
In less that 10 secons, push EMERGENCY STOP, while the double-arm is in the clamp/unclamp position.

Make sure the double-arm can turn freely on the shaft. Turn the double-arm with your hand until it is parallel with the Y Axis.

Step 3

Put the top part [2] of the alignment split tool into the pocket. Put the bottom part [1] of the split tool into the double-arm near the pocket. Turn the double-arm with your hand until the top [2] and bottom [1] part of the split tool align.

Put the alignment pin [3] for the split tool into the top [2] and bottom [1] part of the alignment split tool. Make sure no gap [4] is between the top [2] and bottom [1] split tool parts.

Use the T-2108 tool to adjust the double-arm height if necessary.

Step 4

note: In this step, you will create a gap [3] between the top and bottom parts of the alignment split tool.

Tighten the clamp screws [1] in 1/4-turn increments. Tighten the screws in the star pattern.

Use the alignment pin to measure the alignment each time you tighten all the screws. Remove the T-2108 tool [2] after the screws hold the arm in position.

Torque the screws to these values:

  • 8-Screw Double-Arm - 15 ft-lb (20 Nm)
  • 6-Screw Double-Arm - 30 ft-lb (40 Nm)

Make sure the gap [3] stayed between 0.013" (0.330 mm) and 0020" (0.508 mm).

If the gap [3] is not correct, loosen the clamp screws. Adjust the height with the T-2108 tool.

Push RECOVER. Do the instructions in the display.

Change Parameter 250 back to the recorded value.


For a VMC do these procedures:

For a UMC set these parameters:

UMC-750 - X and Y-Axes Tool Change Offsets – Parameter 210 and 211

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