Programmable Coolant (PCOOL) - Spigot Positioning

Applies to machines built from: 
January, 1992

Programmable Coolant - Spigot Positioning - Introduction

This procedure tells you how to find the best Programmable Coolant (P-Cool) spigot position for each tool. The P-Cool spigot adjusts its position when the program calls a tool offset.
caution: Do not move the P-Cool spigot by hand. This causes damage to the motor. Use only control commands.


Software Required:
  • Mill Software Version 4.19 or higher

Programmable Coolant - Spigot Positioning - Positioning

Step 1

Set the ball valve to the P-Cool position.


This step is necessary only when you have a ball valve control to change between conventional coolant (lock lines or coolant ring) or P-Cool.

Valve placement and style can be different from the illustration.

Step 2

Press OFFSET until the TOOL OFFSET table [1] appears on the display.

Command the first tool into the spindle.

Step 3

Press COOLANT to start the coolant flow.

Press CLNT UP or CLNT DOWN to change the position of the spigot [1].


Continue to the next step after you find a good position, where the coolant sprays on the tool tip.

Step 4

Press COOLANT to stop the coolant flow.

Record the value next to CLNT POS [1] at the bottom of the TOOL OFFSET table.

Step 5

Highlight the tool offset you want to adjust.

Select the COOLANT POSITION column [1].

Type the coolant position number that you recorded in step 4.

Press F1 to enter the value into the COOLANT POSITION column.

note: The P-Cool spigot adjusts to the position in the COOLANT POSITION column when the program calls a tool offset.

Programmable Coolant - Spigot Positioning - Other Positioning Methods

You can also use these methods of changing the position of the coolant spigot.
  1. Coolant Position System Variables
    • You can specify the coolant positions for tools 1 through 200. The systems variables you will use are 3401 through 3600.
    • Example: #3401=15 sets the coolant position for Tool 1 to position 15.
    • The machine must have Macros enabled.
  2. Coolant Position in the Program Blocks
    • You can adjust the spigot in a program block with an M34 or M35 command.
    • The M35 command moves the spigot one position up.
    • The M34 command moves the spigot one position down.

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