Overview - 8M Option

Applies to machines built from: 
December, 2014

8M Option - Operation

This procedure shows you how to connect your external device to the 8M PCB.


The 8M option adds (8) more outputs. These outputs start external devices. Some external devices are probes, an auxiliary pump, or clamping devices.

Step 1

Use this example for an external device that sends the finish signal back to the I/O PCB.

Set the main circuit breaker to the ON position.

Change Parameter 352 to 2.

This moves the function of the M21-M28 relays from the I/O PCB to the 8M PCB.

Step 2

This example shows how to connect an external rotary to the relay.

Pins 3 and 4 receive the start signal when an M21-M28 command is in the program.

Pins 1 and 2 send the finish signal to the control when the external action stops.

Step 3

An M21-M28 [1] command stops the program until the external device sends a finish signal.

The control shows MFIN [2] until the I/O PCB receives the finish signal.

In this example, the rotary momentarily makes an electrical connection between pins 2 and 3 on P10. This sends the finish signal.

When the control receives the finish signal, the program continues.

Step 4

Use this example for an external device that does not send the finish signal back to the I/O PCB.

This example shows how an external device is connected to the relay.

This example shows a solenoid connected to M21 on the 8M PCB.

The connection changes with the device type:

  • Use COM (Common) and NO (Normally Open) for normally open systems.
  • Use COM (Common) and NC (Normally Closed) for normally closed systems.

Use these codes to energize or de-energize a relay:

Relay Label Energize De-energize
M21 M59 P1140 M69 P1140
M22 M59 P1141 M69 P1141
M23 M59 P1142 M69 P1142
M24 M59 P1143 M69 P1143
M25 M59 P1144 M69 P1144
M26 M59 P1145 M69 P1145
M27 M59 P1146 M69 P1146
M28 M59 P1147 M69 P1147

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