Lathe - Remote Jog Handle (RJH) - Work Offsets

This document tells you how to set part zero for the Z Axis.

Step 1

caution: Stay clear of the spindle when changing tools.


From the Set Tool Offsets menu, press WORK> [1]. This takes you to the Set Work Offsets menu.

Step 2

Use the LEFT and RIGHT cursor arrow keys to select the jog increment [1].

Press WK CS [3].

Use the pulse wheel to change the Work CS offset [2]. This example uses G54.

Use the axis selection thumb knob to select between the X and Z Axis.

Step 3

Use the pulse wheel to jog the X and Z Axes to approximately 0.20" (5.1 mm) away from the face of the workpiece.

Use the LEFT arrow key to select the .001 jog increment.

Put a sheet of paper [1] between the tool and the workpiece.

Carefully move the tool to the part.

Stop when the tool is near as possible to the workpiece, but you can still move the paper.

Use the axis selection thumb knob and select the Z Axis.

Press SET Z to record the Z-Axis position in the offset table.

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