HPC-1000 / TSC-1000 / Auxiliary Filter - Coolant Filter - Maintenance

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November, 2013

Auxiliary Coolant Filter - Maintenance

Too much contamination in the Through-Spindle Coolant (TSC) or High-Pressure Coolant (HPU) auxiliary coolant filter (ACF) is a frequent cause of low coolant flow through the spindle. This procedure tells you how to replace the bag filter in the ACF.

If the ACF tank has a pressure gauge, do this procedure before the pressure shown on the gauge decreases to -10 psi when in operation. If the ACF does not have a pressure gauge, do this procedure one time per month.


Open the (4) latches [4]. Operate this code in MDI mode:
M88 ;
Open the (4) latches [4]. Disconnect the hoses [1]. Drain the ACF tank into the coolant tank. Connect the hoses [1].


After the tank is drained, clean or replace the bag filter [2]. Apply a thin layer of grease to the inner seal of the filter cover [3]. Install the filter cover [3]. Make sure the alignment marks match on the tank and the lid. Close (2) opposite latches [4]. Then close the other (2) latches [4]. This prevents leaks.
Go into MDI Mode. Push COOLANT to operate the coolant pump until the ACF tank is full.

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