Classic Haas Control (CHC) - Static IP Network Connection

Applies to machines built from: 
October, 2007

Connecting to a Network using a Static IP

This procedure tells you how to configure the Haas machine to connect to a computer network without DHCP enabled. If the network server does not use DHCP, you must set the IP address manually. This configuration is for example only. The setting values required to connect to your network may be different. Contact your network administrator for the exact settings.

Step 1

To enable network connectivity, make sure Parameters 737:10 ENABLE HARD DRIVE and 737:11 ENABLE NETWORKING are set to 1 (enabled).

note: These parameters require an unlocked code to enable.

Step 2

  • Setting 900 [1] is the name which identifies the CNC machine as a device on the network. Each machine must have a unique CNC network name. The name cannot be longer than (8) characters.
  • Setting 901 [2] toggles the automatic IP feature. Change Setting 901 [2] to OFF.
  • Settings 902 through 904 [3] are used to configure a static IP address. These values can be provided by your network administrator. Values in the image are shown for illustration purposes only.
  • Settings 905 through 910 [4] are used for advanced network configuration. Normally, these are left empty.
  • Setting 911 [5] sets the amount of access the wireless network has to the files on the CNC machine. Normally, this is set to FULL.

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