Overview - Spindle Lubrication System - Minimum Lubrication - Oil Pump - CALM

The minimum lubrication oil pump [1] is a resistance-type lubrication system. The system pumps an air and oil mixture through a nylon tube to the spindle.

Minimum Lubrication - Oil Pump - CALM - Identification

  1. The drip sight glass lets you see the quantity of oil that goes to the spindle.
    note: The first drip sight glass was installed on Haas machines with the Grease-Gun Axis Lubrication System made after April 2010.
  2. The strainer basket filters the oil.
  3. The level switch tells you if the oil level is low. This causes Alarm 121 Low Lube or Low Pressure.
    note: Oil reservoirs made before November 2013 have a low-level switch.
    note: Oil reservoirs made after November 2013 have a level sensor.
  4. The oil pump pushes oil through the system.

Minimum Lubrication - Oil Pump - Spindle Lubrication System - Spindle Lubrication

A nylon tube supplies the spindle with an air/oil mixture through a non-restrictor fitting.

  • A mixture of air and oil from the oil reservoir lubricates the spindle.
    • Every 30 minutes, when the spindle is in motion, the oil pump inside the oil reservoir [1] sends the air and oil mixture through a nylon tube [2] to the spindle.
    • This system uses SHC 625. The oil reservoir stores the oil.

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