Mill - Renishaw Probe - Information

Applies to machines built from: 
January, 2000
This document tells you how these Renishaw probes operate.
  1. Renishaw OMP40-2
  2. Renishaw OTS
  3. Renishaw OMI

How Renishaw Probes Operate

Think of a probe as a calibrated switch.

When something touches or presses the probe stylus, the probe sends a "skip" signal to the machine control.

The machine control accurately records the position of the X, Y, and Z axes at the same time it receives the skip signal.

Probe operation flow:

  • A start-up macro energizes the probe.
  • The macro sets the initial probe settings in the control.
  • A standard G code controls the probe's path.
  • Code G31 lets the machine move until something touches the probe to make a skip signal.
  • Probe macros control what the probe measures.
  • Each skip signal tells ("triggers") the probe to send the machine position to the control.
  • The machine position is automatically kept in the macro registers.
  • Automatic procedures can get this kept machine position for special tasks.


Installation Instructions

Refer to Mill - Renishaw - Probe - Installation for installation information.

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