Pendant Right Side, Top, and Bottom Panels

Classic Control - Lathe Operator's Manual

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The following tables describe the right side, top, and bottom of the pendant.

Right Side Panel Controls

Name Image Function
USB Plug compatible USB devices into this port. It has a removable dust cap.
Memory Lock In the locked position, this keyswitch prevents alterations to programs, settings, parameters, offsets, and macro variables.
Setup Mode In the locked position, this keyswitch enables all machine safety features. Unlock allows setup (refer to “Setup Mode” in the Safety section of this manual for details).
Second Home Press to rapid all axes to the coordinates specified in G154 P20 (if equipped).
Servo Auto Door Override Press this button to open or close the Servo Auto Door (if equipped).
Worklight These buttons toggle the internal worklight and High Intensity Lighting (if equipped).

Pendant Top Panel

Beacon Light
Provides quick visual confirmation of the machine’s current status. There are five different beacon states:
Light Status Meaning
Off The machine is idle.
Solid Green The machine is running.
Flashing Green The machine is stopped, but is in a ready state. Operator input is required to continue.
Flashing Red A fault has occurred, or the machine is in Emergency Stop.
Flashing Yellow A tool has expired, and the tool life screen automatically displays.

Pendant Bottom Panel

Name Function
Keyboard Beeper Located on the bottom of the control pendant. Turn the cover to adjust the volume.

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Danger: Some service procedures can be dangerous or life-threatening. DO NOT attempt a procedure that you do not completely understand. Contact your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) and schedule a service technician visit if you have any doubts about doing a procedure.