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Mode keys change the operational state of the machine. Each mode key is arrow shaped and points to the row of keys that perform functions related to that mode key. The current mode is always displayed in the top left of the screen, in Mode:Key display form.

note: EDIT and LIST PROGRAMS can also act as display keys, where you can access program editors and the device manager without changing the machine mode. For example, while the machine runs a program, you can use the device manager (LIST PROGRAMS) or background editor (EDIT) without stopping the program.

List of EDIT Mode Keys and How They Operate

Name Key Function
Edit EDIT Lets you edit programs in the advanced editor or background editor. You can access the Visual Programming System (VPS) from the EDIT tabbed menu.
Insert INSERT Enters text from the input line or the clipboard into the program at the cursor position.
Alter ALTER Replaces the highlighted command or text with text from the input line or the clipboard.
note: ALTER does not work for offsets.
Delete DELETE Deletes the item that the cursor is on, or deletes a selected program block.
Undo UNDO Undoes up to the last 40 edit changes, and deselects a highlighted block.
note: UNDO does not work for deleted highlighted blocks or to recover a deleted program.

List of MEMORY Mode Keys and How They Operate

Name Key Function
Memory MEMORY Selects memory mode. You run programs in this mode, and the other keys in the MEM row control the ways in which the program is run. Shows OPERATION:MEM in upper left display.
Single Block SINGLE BLOCK Toggles single block on or off. When single block is on, the control runs only one program block each time you press CYCLE START.
Graphics GRAPHICS Opens Graphics mode.
Optional Stop OPTION STOP Toggles optional stop on or off. When optional stop is on, the machine stops when it reaches M01 commands.
Block Delete BLOCK DELETE Toggles block delete on or off. The program ignores (does not execute) items with a slash (“/”) when this option is on.

List of MDI Mode Keys and How They Operate

Name Key Function
Manual Data Input MDI In MDI mode, you run unsaved programs or blocks of code entered from the control. Shows EDIT:MDI in upper left display.
Coolant COOLANT Turns the optional coolant on and off.
Handle Scroll HANDLE SCROLL Toggles Handle Scroll mode. This lets you use the jog handle to move the cursor in menus while the control is in jog mode.
Automatic Tool Changer Forward ATC FWD Rotates the tool carousel to the next tool.
Automatic Tool Changer Reverse ATC REV Rotates the tool carousel to the previous tool.

List of HANDLE JOG Mode Keys and How They Operate

Name Key Function
Handle Jog HANDLE JOG Enters Jog mode.
.0001/.1 .001/1 .01/10 .1/100 .0001 /.1, .001 / 1., .01 / 10., .1 / 100. Selects the increment for each click of the jog handle. When the mill is in MM mode the first number is multiplied by ten when jogging the axis (e.g., .0001 becomes 0.001 mm). The bottom number sets speed after you press JOG LOCK and an axis jog key or you press and hold an axis jog key. Shows SETUP:JOG in the upper left of the display.

List of ZERO RETURN Mode Keys and How They Operate

Name Key Function
Zero Return ZERO RETURN Selects Zero Return mode, which displays axis location in four different categories: Operator, Work G54, Machine, and Dist (distance) To Go. Select the tab to switch between the categories. Shows SETUP:ZERO in the upper-left display.
All ALL Returns all axes to machine zero. This is similar to POWER UP, except a tool change does not occur.
Origin ORIGIN Sets selected values to zero.
Single SINGLE Returns one axis to machine zero. Press the desired axis letter on the Alpha keyboard and then press SINGLE.
Home G28 HOME G28 Returns all axes to zero in rapid motion. HOME G28 will also home a single axis in the same manner as SINGLE.
caution: Make sure the axis motion paths are clear when you press this key. There is no warning or prompt before axis motion begins.

List of LIST PROGRAM Mode Keys and How They Operate

Name Key Function
List Programs LIST PROGRAM Accesses a tabbed menu to load and save programs.
Select Programs SELECT PROGRAM Makes the highlighted program the active program.
Back BACK ARROW, Navigates to the screen you were on before the current one. This key operates like the BACK button on a web browser.
Forward FORWARD ARROW, Navigates to the screen you went to after the current screen, if you have used the back arrow. This key operates like the FORWARD button on a web browser.
Erase Program ERASE PROGRAM Deletes the selected program in List Program mode. Deletes the entire program in MDI mode.

Be aware: Many service and repair procedures should be done only by authorized personnel. The service technicians at your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) have the training, experience, and are certified to do these tasks safely and correctly. You should not do machine repair or service procedures unless you are qualified and knowledgeable about the processes.

Danger: Some service procedures can be dangerous or life-threatening. DO NOT attempt a procedure that you do not completely understand. Contact your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) and schedule a service technician visit if you have any doubts about doing a procedure.