Manual Data Input (MDI)

Next Generation Control Mill Operator's Manual

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Manual Data Input (MDI) lets you command automatic CNC moves without a formal program. Your input stays on the MDI input page until you delete it.

MDI Input Page Example

  1. Press MDI to enter MDI mode.
  2. Type your program commands in the window. Press CYCLE START to execute the commands.
  3. If you want to save the program you created in MDI as a numbered program: Press HOME to put the cursor at the beginning of the program. Type a new program number. Program numbers must follow the standard program number format (Onnnnn). Press ALTER. In the RENAME pop-up window, you can type a filename and file title for the program. Only the O number is required. Press ENTER to save the program to memory.
  4. Press ERASE PROGRAM to delete everything from the MDI input page.

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