M99 Subprogram Return or Loop

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M99 Subprogram Return or Loop

This code has three main uses:

  1. An M99 is used at the end of a subprogram, local subprogram, or macro to return back to the main program.

  2. An M99 Pnn jumps the program to the corresponding Nnn in the program.

  3. An M99 in the main program causes the program to loop back to the beginning and run until RESET is pressed.

Programming Notes - You can simulate Fanuc behavior by using the following code:

  Haas Fanuc
Calling program: O0001 O0001
  ... ...
  N50 M98 P2 N50 M98 P2
  N51 M99 P100 ...
  ... N100 (continue here)
  N100 (continue here) ...
  ... M30
Subprogram: O0002 O0002
  M99 M99 P100

M99 With Macros - If the machine is equipped with the optional macros, you can use a global variable and specify a block to jump to by adding #nnn = dddd in the subroutine and then using M99 P#nnn after the subroutine call.

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