M98 Subprogram Call

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M98 Subprogram Call

This code is used to call a subprogram. The format is M98 Pnnnn (Pnnnn is the number of the program being called). The subprogram must be in the program list and contain M99 to return to the main program. An Lnn count can be put on the line containing M98 causing the subprogram to be called nn times before continuing to the next block.

When an M98 subprogram is called, the control looks for the subprogram on the active drive, and then in memory if the subprogram cannot be located. The active drive may be memory, USB drive, or hard drive. An alarm occurs if the control does not find the subprogram on either the active drive or in memory.

Example: This is the program that calls the subprogram to loop (4) times.

%O69801 (M98 SUBPROGRAM CALL) ;M98 P100 L4 (L4 repeats subprogram 4 times) ;M30 (End of program) ;%

This is the subprogram itself.

% O69800 (SUBPROGRAM FOR M98 EX o69801) ; G00 G90 G55 X0 Z0 ; S500 M03 ; G00 Z-.5 ; G01 X.5 F100. ; G03 ZI-.5 ; G01 X0 ; Z1. F50. ; G91 G28 Z0 ; G90 ; M99 ; %

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