M96 Jump If No Input

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P - Program block to go to when conditional test is met
Q - Discrete input variable to test (0 to 63)

M96 is used to test a discrete input for 0 (off) status. This is useful for checking the status of automatic work holding or other accessories that generate a signal for the control. The Q value must be in the range 0 to 63, which corresponds to the inputs found on the diagnostic display (The upper left input is 0 and the lower right is input 63. When this program block is executed and the input signal specified by Q has a value of 0, the program block Pnnnn is performed (the Nnnnn that matches the Pnnnn line must be in the same program).

M96 Example:

% N05 M96 P10 Q8 (Test input #8, Door Switch, until closed) ; N10 (Start of program loop) ; ... ; ... (Program that machines part) ; ... ; N85 M21 (Execute an external user function) ; N90 M96 P10 Q27 (Loop to N10 if spare input [#27] is 0) ; N95 M30 (If spare input is 1 then end program) ; %

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