M88 Through-Spindle Coolant On / M89 Through-Spindle Coolant Off

Classic Control - Mill Operator's Manual

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M88 turns on through-spindle coolant (TSC), and M89 turns off TSC.

The control automatically stops the spindle before it executes M88 or M89. The control does not automatically start the spindle again after M89. If your program continues with the same tool after an M89 command, be sure to add a spindle speed command before further motion.

caution: You must use proper tooling, with a through-hole, when you use the TSC system. Failure to use proper tooling can flood the spindle head with coolant and void the warranty.

Sample Program

note: The M88 command should be before the spindle speed command. If you command M88 after the spindle speed command, the spindle starts, then stops, turns on TSC, and then starts again.
% T1 M6 (TSC Coolant Through Drill) ; G90 G54 G00 X0 Y0 ; G43 H01 Z.5 ; M88 (Turn TSC on) ; S4400 M03 ; G81 Z-2.25 F44. R.1 ; M89 G80 (Turn TSC off) ; G91 G28 Z0 ; G90 ; M30 ; %

M88 turns on the high pressure coolant option, and M89 turns the coolant off. Use M89 to turn off High Pressure coolant during program execution before rotating the tool turret.

danger: Turn off High Pressure Coolant before performing a tool change.

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