M31 Chip Conveyor Forward / M33 Chip Conveyor Stop

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M31 starts the optional chip removal system (auger, multi-auger, or belt-style conveyor) in the forward direction; the direction that moves the chips out of the machine. You should run the chip conveyor intermittently, as this allows piles of larger chips to collect smaller chips and carry them out of the machine. You can set the chip conveyor duty cycle and run time with Settings 114 and 115.

The optional conveyor coolant washdown runs while the chip conveyor is on.

M33 stops conveyor motion.

M31 starts the optional chip auger motor in the forward direction (the direction that moves the chips out of the machine). The auger does not turn if the door is open. It is recommended that the chip auger be used intermittently. Continuous operation causes the motor to overheat. Settings 114 and 115 control the auger duty cycle times.

M33 stops auger motion.

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