M21-M25 Optional User M Function with M-Fin

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M21 through M25 are for user-defined relays. Each M-code closes one of the optional relays and waits for an external M-Fin signal. RESET stops any operation waiting for a relay-activated accessory to finish. Also, refer to M51 - M55 and M61 - M65.

Only one relay is switched at a time. A typical operation is to command a rotary product. The sequence is:

  1. Run the machining portion of a CNC part program.
  2. Stop CNC motion and command a relay.
  3. Wait for a finish (M-Fin) signal from the equipment.
  4. Continue the CNC part program.

The M-Fin connector is at P8 on the I/O PCB. Refer to the description below for a diagram and pinouts.

M-code Relays

The M-code relays are in the lower-left corner of the I/O PCB.

These relays can activate probes, auxiliary pumps, clamping devices, etc. Connect these auxiliary devices to the terminal strip for the individual relay. The terminal strip has positions for, Normally Open (NO), Normally Closed (NC), and Common (COM).

Main I/O PCB M-code Relays.

M-Fin Circuit at P8 on the Main I/O PCB. Pin 3 is the M-Fin input and interacts with input number 18 in the control. Pin 1 is the M-Fin output and interacts with output number 4 on the control.

Optional 8M-code Relays

You can purchase additional M-code relays in banks of 8.

Only the outputs on the I/O PCB are addressable with M21-M25, M51-M55, and M61-M65. If you use an 8M relay bank, you must use M29, M59, and M69 with P codes to activate the relays on the bank. The P codes for the first 8M bank are P90-P97.

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