Literal String Engraving (G47 P0)

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This method is used to engrave text on a part. The text should be in the form of a comment on the same line as the G47 command. For example, G47 P0 (TEXT TO ENGRAVE), will engrave TEXT TO ENGRAVE on the part.

note: Engraving along an arc is not supported.

The characters available for engraving, using this method are:

A-Z, a-z 0-9, and ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * - _ = + [ ] { } \ | ; : ’ ” , . / < > ?

Not all of these characters can be entered from the control. When programming from the mill keypad, or engraving parenthesis (), refer to the following Engraving Special Characters section.

This example creates the figure shown.

% O60471 (G47 TEXT ENGRAVING) ; (G54 X0 Y0 is at the bottom-left of part) ; (Z0 is on top of the part) ; (BEGIN PREPARATION BLOCKS) ; T1 M06 (Select tool 1) ; G00 G90 G40 G49 G54 (Safe startup) ; G00 G54 X2. Y2. (Rapid to 1st position) ; S1000 M03 (Spindle on CW) ; G43 H01 Z0.1 (Activate tool offset 1) ; M08 (Coolant on) ; (BEGIN CUTTING BLOCKS) ; G47 P0 (TEXT TO ENGRAVE) X2. Y2. I45. J0.5 R0.05 Z-0.005 F15. E10. ; (Starts at X2. Y2., engraves text at 45 deg) ; (BEGIN COMPLETION BLOCKS) ; G00 G80 Z0.1 (Cancel canned cycle) ; G00 Z0.1 M09 (Rapid retract, Coolant off) ; G53 G49 Z0 M05 (Z home, Spindle off) ; G53 Y0 (Y home) ; M30 (End program) ; %

Engraving Program Example

In this example, G47 P0 selects literal string engraving. X2.0 Y2.0 sets the starting point for the text at the bottom left corner of first letter. I45. places the text at a positive 45° angle. J.5 sets the text height to 0.5 units-in/mm. R.05 retracts cutter to 0.05 units above part after engraving. Z-.005 sets an engraving depth of -.005 units. F15.0 sets an engraving, XY move, feedrate of 15 units per minute. E10.0 sets a plunge, -Z move, feedrate of 10 units per minute.

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