List of G-codes

Classic Control - Mill Operator's Manual

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This chapter gives detailed descriptions of the G-codes that you use to program your machine.

caution: The sample programs in this manual have been tested for accuracy, but they are for illustrative purposes only. The programs do not define tools, offsets, or materials. They do not describe workholding or other fixturing. If you choose to run a sample program on your machine, do so in Graphics mode. Always follow safe machining practices when you run an unfamiliar program.
note: The sample programs in this manual represent a very conservative programming style. The samples are intended to demonstrate safe and reliable programs, and they are not necessarily the fastest or most efficient way to operate a machine. The sample programs use G-codes that you might choose not to use in more efficient programs.
G-codes for Mill
G00 Rapid Motion Positioning (Group 01)
G01 Linear Interpolation Motion (Group 01)
G02 CW / G03 CCW Circular Interpolation Motion (Group 01)
G04 Dwell (Group 00)
G09 Exact Stop (Group 00)
G10 Set Offsets (Group 00)
G12 Circular Pocket Milling CW / G13 Circular Pocket Milling CCW (Group 00)
G17 XY / G18 XZ / G19 YZ Plane Selection (Group 02)
G20 Select Inches / G21 Select Metric (Group 06)
G28 Return to Machine Zero Point (Group 00)
G29 Return From Reference Point (Group 00)
G31 Feed Until Skip (Group 00)
G35 Automatic Tool Diameter Measurement (Group 00)
G36 Automatic Work Offset Measurement (Group 00)
G37 Automatic Tool Offset Measurement (Group 00)
G40 Cutter Compensation Cancel (Group 07)
G41 2D Cutter Compensation Left / G42 2D Cutter Comp. Right (Group 07)
G43 Tool Length Compensation + (Add) / G44 Tool Length Comp - (Subtract) (Group 08)
G47 Text Engraving (Group 00)
G43/G44/G143 Cancel
G50 Cancel Scaling (Group 11)
G51 Scaling (Group 11)
G52 Set Work Coordinate System (Group 00 or 12)
G53 Non-Modal Machine Coordinate Selection (Group 00)
G54-59 Select Work Coordinate System #1 - #6 (Group 12)
G60 Uni-Directional Positioning (Group 00)
G61 Exact Stop Mode (Group 15)
G64 G61 Cancel (Group 15)
G65 Macro Subprogram Call Option (Group 00)
G68 Rotation (Group 16)
G69 Cancel G68 Rotation (Group 16)
G70 Bolt Hole Circle (Group 00)
G71 Bolt Hole Arc (Group 00)
G72 Bolt Holes Along an Angle (Group 00)
G73 High-Speed Peck Drilling Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G74 Reverse Tap Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G76 Fine Boring Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G77 Back Bore Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G80 Canned Cycle Cancel (Group 09)
G81 Drill Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G82 Spot Drill Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G83 Normal Peck Drilling Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G84 Tapping Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G85 Bore In, Bore Out Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G86 Bore and Stop Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G87 Bore In and Manual Retract Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G88 Bore In, Dwell, Manual Retract Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G89 Bore In, Dwell, Bore Out Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G90 Absolute - G91 Incremental Position Commands (Group 03)
G92 Set Work Coordinate Systems Shift Value (Group 00)
G93 Inverse Time Feed Mode (Group 05)
G94 Feed Per Minute Mode (Group 05)
G95 Feed per Revolution (Group 05)
G98 Canned Cycle Initial Point Return (Group 10)
G99 Canned Cycle R Plane Return (Group 10)
G100/G101 Disable/Enable Mirror Image (Group 00)
G102 Programmable Output to RS-232 (Group 00)
G103 Limit Block Look-Ahead (Group 00)
G107 Cylindrical Mapping (Group 00)
G110-G129 Coordinate System #7-26 (Group 12)
G136 Automatic Work Offset Center Measurement (Group 00)
G141 3D+ Cutter Compensation (Group 07)
G143 5-Axis Tool Length Compensation + (Group 08)
G150 General Purpose Pocket Milling (Group 00)
G153 5-Axis High Speed Peck Drilling Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G154 Select Work Coordinates P1-P99 (Group 12)
G155 5-Axis Reverse Tap Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G161 5-Axis Drill Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G162 5-Axis Spot Drill Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G163 5-Axis Normal Peck Drilling Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G164 5-Axis Tapping Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G165 5-Axis Boring Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G166 5-Axis Bore and Stop Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G169 5-Axis Bore and Dwell Canned Cycle (Group 09)
G174 CCW - G184 CW Non-Vertical Rigid Tap (Group 00)
G187 Setting the Smoothness Level (Group 00)
G188 Get Program From PST (Group 00)
G234 Tool Center Point Control (TCPC)(UMC)
G254 Dynamic Work Offset (DWO) (UMC)
G255 Cancel Dynamic Work Offset (DWO) (UMC)

Be aware: Many service and repair procedures should be done only by authorized personnel. The service technicians at your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) have the training, experience, and are certified to do these tasks safely and correctly. You should not do machine repair or service procedures unless you are qualified and knowledgeable about the processes.

Danger: Some service procedures can be dangerous or life-threatening. DO NOT attempt a procedure that you do not completely understand. Contact your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) and schedule a service technician visit if you have any doubts about doing a procedure.