High-Speed Side-Mount Tool Changer

Classic Control - Mill Operator's Manual

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The high-speed side-mount tool changer has an additional tool assignment, which is “Heavy”. Tools that weigh more than 4 pounds are considered heavy. You must designate heavy tools with H (Note: All large tools are considered heavy). During operation, an “h” in the tool table denotes a heavy tool in a large pocket.

As a safety precaution, the tool changer will run at a maximum of 25% of the normal speed when it changes a heavy tool. The pocket up/down speed is not slowed down. The control restores the speed to the current rapid when the tool change is complete. Contact your HFO for assistance if you have problems with unusual or extreme tooling.

H - Heavy, but not necessarily large (large tools require empty pockets on either side).

h - Heavy small diameter tool in a pocket designated for a large tool (must have empty pocket on both sides). The lower case “h” and “l” is placed by the control; never enter a lower case “h” or “l” into the tool table.

l - Small diameter tool in a pocket reserved for a large tool in the spindle.

Large tools are assumed to be heavy.

Heavy tools are not assumed to be large.

On non-high speed tool changers, “H” and “h” have no effect.

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