G65 Macro Subprogram Call Option (Group 00)

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G65 is the command that calls a subroutine with the ability to pass arguments to it. The format follows:

G65 Pnnnn [Lnnnn] [arguments] ;

Arguments italicized in square brackets are optional. See the Programming section for more details on macro arguments.

The G65 command requires a P address corresponding to a program number currently in the control’s memory. When the L address is used the macro call is repeated the specified number of times.

In Example 1, subroutine 1000 is called once without conditions passed to the subroutine. G65 calls are similar to, but not the same as, M98 calls. G65 calls can be nested up to 9 times, which means, program 1 can call program 2, program 2 can call program 3 and program 3 can call program 4.

Example 1:

% G65 P1000 (Call subroutine 1000 as a macro) ; M30 (Program stop) ; O01000 (Macro Subroutine) ; ... M99 (Return from Macro Subroutine) ; %

In Example 2, subroutine 9010 is designed to drill a sequence of holes along a line whose slope is determined by the X and Y arguments that are passed to it in the G65 command line. The Z drill depth is passed as Z, the feed rate is passed as F, and the number of holes to be drilled is passed as T. The line of holes is drilled starting from the current tool position when the macro subroutine is called.

Example 2:

% G00 G90 X1.0 Y1.0 Z.05 S1000 M03 (Position tool) ; G65 P9010 X.5 Y.25 Z.05 F10. T10 (Call 9010) ; G28 ; M30 ; O09010 (Diagonal hole pattern) ; F#9 (F=Feedrate) ; WHILE [#20 GT 0] DO1 (Repeat T times) ; G91 G81 Z#26 (Drill To Z depth) ; #20=#20-1 (Decrement counter) ; IF [#20 EQ 0] GOTO5 (All holes drilled) ; G00 X#24 Y#25 (Move along slope) ; N5 END1 ; M99 (Return to caller) ; %

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