G50 Cancel Scaling (Group 11)

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G50 cancels the optional scaling feature. Any axis scaled by a previous G51 command is no longer in effect.

U - Incremental amount and direction to shift global X coordinate.
X - Absolute global coordinate shift.
W - Incremental amount and direction to shift global Z coordinate.
Z - Absolute global coordinate shift.
S - Limit spindle speed to specified value
T - Apply tool shift offset (YASNAC)

G50 performs several functions. It sets and shifts the global coordinate and it limits the spindle speed to a maximum value. Refer to the Global Coordinate System topic in the Programming section for a discussion of these.

To set the global coordinate, command G50 with an X or Z value. The effective coordinate becomes the value specified in address code X or Z. Current machine location, work offsets, and tool offsets are taken into account. The global coordinate is calculated and set. For example:

G50 X0 Z0 (Effective coordinates are now zero) ;

To shift the global coordinate system, specify G50 with a U or W value. The global coordinate system is shifted by the amount and direction specified in U or W. The current effective coordinate displayed changes by this amount in the opposite direction. This method is often used to place the part zero outside of the work cell. For example:

G50 W-1.0 (Effective coordinates are shifted left 1.0) ;

To set a YASNAC style work coordinate shift, specify G50 with a T value (Setting 33 must be set to YASNAC). The global coordinate is set to the X and Z values in the Tool Shift Offset page. Values for the T address code are, Txxyy where xx is between 51 and 100 and yy is between 00 and 50. For example, T5101 specifies tool shift index 51 and tool wear index 01; it does not cause tool number 1 to be selected. To select another, Txxyy code must be used outside the G50 block. The following two examples illustrate this method to select Tool 7 using Tool Shift 57 and Tool Wear 07.

G51 (Cancel Offsets) ; T700 M3 (Change to Tool 7, Turn on Spindle) ; G50 T5707 (Apply Tool Shift 57 and Tool Wear 07 to Tool 7) ;


G51 (Cancel Offsets) ; G50 T5700 (Apply Tool Shift 57) ; T707 M3 (Change to Tool 7 and apply Tool Wear 07) ;

G50 YASNAC Tool Shift: [1] Machine (0,0), [2] Spindle centerline.

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