G31 Feed Until Skip (Group 00)

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G31 Feed Until Skip (Group 00)

(This G-code is optional and requires a probe.)

This G-code is used to record a probed location to a macro variable.

note: Turn on the probe before using G31.
F - Feedrate in inches (mm) per minute
*U - X-axis incremental motion command
*V - Y-axis incremental motion command
*W - Z-axis incremental motion command
X - X-axis absolute motion command
Y - Y-axis absolute motion command
Z - Z-axis absolute motion command
C - C-Axis absolute motion command

* indicates optional

This G-code moves the programmed axes while looking for a signal from the probe (skip signal). The specified move is started and continues until the position is reached or the probe receives a skip signal. If the probe receives a skip signal during the G31 move, the control beeps and the skip signal position is recorded to macro variables. The program then executes the next line of code. If the probe does not receive a skip signal during the G31 move, the control does not beep, the skip signal position is recorded at the end of the programmed move, and the program  continues.

Macro variables #5061 through #5066 are designated to store skip signal positions for each axis. For more information about these skip signal variables see Macros in the Programming section of this manual.

Do not use Cutter Compensation (G41 or G42) with a G31.

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