G00 Rapid Motion Positioning (Group 01)

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*X - Optional X-Axis motion command
*Y - Optional Y-Axis motion command
*Z - Optional Z-Axis motion command
*A - Optional A-Axis motion command
*B - Optional B-Axis motion command
*C - Optional C-axis motion command

*indicates optional

G00 is used to move the machine axes at the maximum speed. It is primarily used to quickly position the machine to a given point before each feed (cutting) command. This G code is modal, so a block with G00 causes all following blocks to be rapid motion until another Group 01 code is specified.

A rapid move also cancels an active canned cycle, just like G80 does.

note: Generally, rapid motion will not be in a single straight line. Each axis specified is moved at the same speed, but all axes will not necessarily complete their motions at the same time. The machine will wait until all motions are complete before starting the next command.

G00 Multi-linear Rapid Motion

Setting 57 (Exact Stop Canned X-Y) can change how closely the machine waits for a precise stop before and after a rapid move.

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